How To Choose A Tie-Down
Use four (4) 500 lb. Working Load Limit tie-downs to secure a motorcyle or ATV. Suspension will become slightly compressed during tightening. For heavier vehicles, use specifically designed motorcycle/ATV tie-downs. For all other applications, we recommend using a minimum of two (2) Loadmaster Tie-Downs to secure cargo and prevent load shift. Each tie-down should have a working load limit equal to or greater than the weight of your cargo.

Inspect for signs of wear, damage, worn or frayed rope or webbing. Prevent rope or webbing from rubbing against sharp edges or hot objects. Always inspect tie-downs and cargo before driving and check every 5 miles thereafter.

Working Load Limit
The maximum cargo weight a tie-down can safely handle and still accommodate unexpected forces caused by speed, road conditions or emergencies. The Industry Standard for Working Load Limit of webbing tie-downs is 1/3 the Break-Strength of the tie-down assembly.

The use and attachment of this product is beyond the control of Quckie Tie-Down Enterprises, LLC. The liability of this product is limited to the replacement cost of this product should it be found to be defective in material and/or workmanship. Warranty is void one year after purchase or if
hardware or rope or webbing is damaged, cut, worn, or used improperly. Normal wear and tear is not considered grounds for replacement. Contact Quickie Tie-Down for warranty replacement instructions.

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