3/8” PRO Tie-Down

Part Number: 00008
The 3/8” Quickie Tie-Down PRO is made of a super tough, glass-filled nylon.
This rugged material is heat and cold resistant and very durable.

The tie-down comes with 8ft of rope pre-installed. This product can accommodate any length of rope in a 3/8“ diameter.

The 3/8” Quickie Tie-Down PRO comes with two rubber coated S hooks to protect paint finish and prevent scratching.

The maximum working load limit is 500 lbs.
To use: attach both hooks to secure anchor points and pull loose end of rope to tighten. Use socket wrench with recessed socket drive to apply further tension.
To release, press release button on front of unit or pull loose end of rope while lifting release lever to relieve tension on rope.
You can also use the socket drive to relieve rope tension before lifting release lever, giving this tie-down three different ways to release!