1/4” Ratcheting Rope Tie-Down

Release Position Ratcheting Position Lock Position
Part Number: 00051
The 1/4” Ratchet Tie-Down is made of steel, stainless steel, and glass-filled nylon parts. This product is resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures and performs well in muddy and icy conditions.The tie-down comes with 2 rubber coated S hooks and 12ft of rope pre-installed. This product can accommodate any length of rope in a 1/4“ diameter.

The working load limit is 225 lbs. The 1/4” Ratchet Tie-Down has 4 convenient ways of tensioning the rope: pull the loose end of the rope like the Original Tie-Down series, using a socket wrench in the socket drive on either side of the hub, or using the built-in ratchet handle feature.

Because the rope can be tensioned on three sides of the tie-down, not having access to the tensioning mechanism will be a problem of the past. To release, press release tab on ratchet handle and rotate handle back into release position. This release feature is so simple, never again will a rope tie-down be unable to release under tension.

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