1/4” Original Rope Tie-Down

Part Number: 96214
Quickie Tie-Down is proud to offer the only rope tie-down on the market that is military certified and has multiple National Stock Numbers (NSNs). Our tie-downs have been used on truck beds, tanks, Oshkosh, HMMWV, tarps, containers, hammocks, munitions, and to secure helicopter rotors and covers.The 1/4” Original Tie-Down is made of a glass-filled nylon that performs well in extreme temperatures and weather conditions and is impact resistant to a hammer or being run over by a 1 ton truck! The tie-down includes 12ft rope pre-installed and can accommodate any length of 1/4“ diameter rope. The 1/4” Original Tie-Down comes with two rubber coated S hooks to protect paint finish.This tie-down has a working load limit of 150 lbs. / 225lbs. break strength.
To use: attach both hooks to secure anchor points and pull loose end of rope to tighten.
To release, pull loose end of rope while lifting release lever to relieve tension on rope.

Quickie Tie-Down is proud to be the leader in innovation, not imitation.

Also available with stainless steel hooks and hardware, steel carbiner style snap hooks, or powder coated “S” hooks

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3990-01-497-0322  Rubber Coated S Hooks

3990-01-512-9492  Powder Coated S hooks

3990-01-512-9512  Snap Hooks

3990-01-512-9545  S hook on unit, snap hook on rope

3990-01-527-4038  Snap hook on unit, S hook on rope

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