Cargo Nets

Part Number: various
LoadTamer™ Cargo Nets, all TACOM approved, are specifically designed to fit each of the following vehicles: HMMWV, MRAP, LTT, All Tactical Trailers, 2-1/2 & 5-ton trucks, 1-ton stake trucks, FMTV’s, MTVR trucks, Flat Racks, All LATV’s, Zodiac Watercraft, Abrams/Bradley/Stryker combat vehicles, and Conex containers.
LoadTamer Cargo Nets are made of a non-stretching heavy-duty nylon, ensuring your load will safely make it to its destination. They are designed to be tangle-free, and conform to any size or shape of load.  Installs in seconds using included hardware.  No additional tools are needed.
The maximum load capacity is 1,250 lbs. “Tame Your Load Before It Hits The Road!”
LoadTamer Cargo Nets are available in 7 standard sizes to fit the following vehicles:
Pickup Truck
Short bed: 64” x 72”   Long bed: 64” x 96”
Small: 96” x 120”   Medium: 96” x 168”   Large: 96” x 216”
Atv and Utv
Back net: 48” x 54”   Front net: 26” x 54”
Custom sizes are available upon request